The New Reality of Sales Enablement With ProInteract In 2020

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The New Reality of Sales Enablement With ProInteract In 2020 Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, seize the current market-trends with the influx of AI (artificial intelligence) and guided selling leading the charge towards the new reality of ‘Sales Enablement’ with ProInteract in 2020.

The 4 Imperatives for Sales Enablement in 2020 & Beyond

With the innovative integration of AI (artificial intelligence) to the increasingly rising importance of guided selling for sales, enablement is paving a way for transformation to measure the success of sales. To transform an organization, it is very imperative to transform your sales force team to become more consultative while engaging with the customers and add more value to the conversation. Informative conversation with prospective customers keep the conversation engaging and empowers the importance of sales enablement.

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Many of the sales enablement trends relate to the sales cycle, while others broadly apply to market, accounts, finance, and other areas of operations. It is critical for Sales organizations to closely examine all-dominating factors to optimize their sales enablement program for substantial, ongoing success in 2020 and beyond.

1. Existing Customer Success 70% of any company's annual revenue is derived from its existing customers. And if you choose to use the same selling strategy with your existing customers, there are high chances of you decreasing the likelihood of retaining or expanding with that customer. It is very important that sales organizations adapt to the changing cultures and trends in the selling pathways and recognize the acquisition and expansion with their clients by having interactive and engaging conversations to enable value-based sales proposition with their existing customers.

2. Remote Selling Amidst the current pandemic, 85% of all sales calls with prospective customers are now being conducted remotely, even though most of the sales enablement strategies are built for in-person customer-engagement based selling scenarios. This results in the under-enablement of your team for engaging in selling scenarios. In 2020 & beyond its very imperative that you enable remote selling conversations for your sales enablement. Supercharge Your Remote Selling & Customer Engagement with ProInteract as its now Integrated with Virtual Meeting Tools (Zoom, WebEx, Teams, etc) for your Business Continuity.

3. Guided Selling The dynamics of changing challenges in business operations and strategies are so quick that traditional training models are not apt anymore. It is becoming imperative to launch dynamic training programs when unplanned business-needs arise. Your field sales team needs to be equipped with the right information and appropriate strategies when the dynamics of your business adapt to the current global trends. ProInteract has a unique platform through ProInteract University which enables organizations to empower their team to learn and adapt to new strategies and evaluate the bring value to the business quickly. With the innovative implementation of AI (artificial intelligence) across various sales funnel, it broadens sales enablement methodologies with refined scope and capabilities. Guided selling will be more tactical in providing a wide range of deep and meaningful insights on what products or services to offer prospective customers and improve the sales cycle and generate more revenue.

4. Customer Journey The B2C (business to customers) and B2B (business to business) buying process is highly unpredictable and more convoluted than ever. The sales process handoffs are less defined, and buyers struggle to decide on their options. A successful sales enablement will define the parameters and bridge the two teams (both marketing and sales) to work together and help customers to make value-based decisions in their buying strategies. It is imperative that you enable and empower your customers by giving them relevant and credible tools that help them in their next buying journeys. ProInteract helps the sales and marketing teams to bridge the gaps and elevate the success of customer journeys by providing the right insights at the right time for the quick decision-making process.

ProInteract is uniquely the go-to Customer Engagement & Sales Enablement platform for many Life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Devices Companies & Retail Industries. Through seamless integration with other software and tools along with the capability to create and dispose of informative content is imperative for the sales training and guided selling processes and offering

  • Deploying customer engagement solutions
  • On-premises or in the cloud
  • Identifying business and technology challenges, risks, and opportunities
  • Applying proper processes and technology solutions

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